Postgres Consultancy

PostgreSQL (often known as Postgres) is an open source object-relational database management system. It is relatively easy to manage, stable and well supported either through community resources or through a commercial support contract.

It can be an excellent free alternative to commercial databases such as Oracle or DB2 and offers a high level of compatibility with Oracle. Or for enhanced functionality consider Postgres Plus Advanced Server, which is a commercial alternative to the open source version marketed by EnterpriseDB.  We offer a variety of Postgres support solutions


Postgres Installation

A complete oracle installation service including configuration, documentation, training and handover.

Potential platforms include Centos, RHEL (bare metal, VMWare, Xenserver, AWS etc) or RDS


We are highly experienced in helping our customers get the best performance from their Postgres installation. Amongst other things we includea  deep dive into server configuration and optimisation, database tuning, infrastructure review, indexing and query optimisation

DBA (Database Administration)

We can provide DBA services either on site or online. Either on a one-off basis or on a long term contract

Application Development

Our expertise includes PL/pgSQL, Java, Web applications, data warehouses, PostGIS, low impact data integration (eg Postgres -> Oracle) etc

Database Migration

We have extensive database migration experience including Oracle to Postgres, Postgres to Oracle as well as many other permutations – click here

Database upgrade

Upgrade to the latest version of Postgres.  We have extensive experience using PgLogical to perform upgrades with minimum downtime