Oracle Application Express

Erintech has extensive product development experience with Application Express. It is our tool of choice for developing new web applications. EIT has developed numerous applications for our clients as well a number of commercial products in Application Express (Apex) including :- CarePathPlus™ (

We can offer a cost effective proposition with an excellent ROI because we use rapid development technologies and a large library of templates to keep development costs down.

All development is performed by our own team in the UK.


Why use Application Express (Apex)?


Apex has a number of features which make it our preferred web application development tool:


Rapid development

Apex, especially the latest version, enables rapid development and deployment with big benefits to development and support costs. Within EIT, our extensive code library further assists in controlling development costs.

Oracle database back end

Oracle remains a popular DBMS and with good reason. One attraction is the entry level (free) version, but others include its stability, scalability and security. The data can be maintained in your server room where it can be safely managed.

Thin client front end

No client installation is required because a standard browser is used, which has a huge benefit in large implementations and avoids the need for periodic updates.


The database can scale from the free XE version up to an enterprise cluster with SAN storage so you are unlikely to run out of capacity

Simplified maintenance

Because Apex encorages a disciplined approach and has inbuilt documentation features it contributes to a simplified maintenance process.

Consolidation of applications

Many organizations struggle with the proliferation of spreadsheets, legacy applications and desktop database applications, such as MS Access. Application Express is ideal forconverting these applications into modern, Web 2.0 applications that are secure, scalable and reliable

Easy Migration

Tools are provided to simplify migration from other platforms, including Oracle Forms, speadsheets and Microsoft Access

Free with Oracle Database

Unlike some of the alternatives, Apex is free.

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