MySQL/MariaDB Consultancy

MySQL and MariaDB have a common heritage,  MariaDB being a fork of MySQL 5.1.

The reasons for the split (which followed the acquision of MySQL by Oracle Corporation in 2009) include licencing and commercial concerns – a web serch will tell you more than we can here…

Upgrade from MySQL to MariaDB is generally not complex although we have found the odd easily fixed issue.  For more see MariaDB/MySQL compatibility

Under the hood,  there are now many differences between the two,  including functionality and performance.  Although a detailed comparison is out of scope for this page,  we would point to Temporal Tables and Columnstore as examples of MariaDB’s innovations which may be of interest.

Either can be an excellent free alternative to commercial databases such as Oracle or DB2.   We offer a variety of consultancy solutions:



A complete installation service including configuration, documentation, training and handover.

Potential platforms include Centos, RHEL (bare metal, VMWare, Xenserver, AWS etc) or RDS


We are highly experienced in helping our customers get the best performance from their Postgres installation. Amongst other things we includea  deep dive into server configuration and optimisation, database tuning, infrastructure review, indexing and query optimisation

DBA (Database Administration)

We can provide DBA services either on site or online. Either on a one-off basis or on a long term contract

Application Development

Our expertise includes SQL, Java, PHP, Web applications, data warehouses, PostGIS, low impact data integration

Database Migration

We have extensive database migration experience including MySQL to MariaDB

Database upgrade

Upgrade to the latest version of MySQL or MariaDB.  We have extensive experience including performing upgrades with minimum downtime

Temporal Tables

Temporal tables  can be used to store, access and change past data, find what/when changes have been made and can be used to rollback data to a prior point in time

These are available as a native MariaDB feature (could be implemented in MySQL as a bespoke addition with a lot of work!)



MariaDB provides Columnstore which is a columnar storage engine that uses a massively parallel distributed data architecture.

Data is stored in columns rather than rows (eg like Redshift) and enables us to embed OLAP/Analytical features in an OLTP database.

In our experience,  even with a single database node, columnstore offers exceptional performance and could offer a cost effective alternative to traditional OLTP databases

MySQL – MariaDB functional Differences

See here for MariaDB claimed benefits,  including more storage engines, speed improvements, extensions, new features etc