Database Migration

Migration is the transfer of your database application from a legacy or other database system to a replacement database system such as Oracle, DB2, Postgres, etc.

There are many reasons why you may wish to migrate your database application to a current database system:

  • legacy database application running on expensive obsolete database/hardware with very little documentation and where few of your staff know how it works
  • you are consolidating database platforms
  • you have outgrown a “desktop” platform and need an enterprise solution
  • after a company merger you need to merge and rationalise database systems


These scenarios present special problems. There is often huge reliance on a tried and trusted application, but documentation and local expertise may be lacking.

We find that data cleansing can be a huge challenge in legacy data.  We use Talend DQ and our own tools to find and rectify data anomalies.

A business-critical application presents special challenges at the time of transition. EIT has a solid track record in migrations; we have played key roles in data migrations in small and large companies, including the merger of pharmaceutical giants. – see about us for a list of companies we have worked with

Our migration expertise includes most common databases including Ingres, Rdb, MySQL, SQLServer, Access, PostgresPlus, Mimer, Rapport, and in-house systems

Typical migration

Customer has an application running on database X. The hardware and the database are old and unsupported but is still does a good job. There is very little documentation and the oroginal developers are no longer accessible.

We inspect the system and interview technical staff and users to generate a functional specification. If we identify weaknesses in the functionality we propose changes accordingly.  We then provide new hardware, design the new database, migrate the data (transforming and cleansing as required) and commission the new system. Full training, documentation and ongoing support are provided.

Case Study: database merge/integration: merger of major pharmaceutical companies.

We were requested to hold confidential discussions with each company independently, subject to non-disclosure agreements prior to the merger to enable us to plan an interim solution for the integration of the Oracle based research databases. No data exchange was allowed before the day of the merger, but time was of the essence.

We achieved an outstanding result with the provision of a GUI data access and data mining tool which enabled all employees of the merged company around the world to access all Oracle research data within seven days of the merger. This exceeded all expectations and remained in use for several years.

Case Study: Migrate backend radiology database from Oracle to EnterpriseDB

A radiology company had developed its product based on Oracle database.

EIT was engaged to migrate the backend database from Oracle to EnterpriseDB for a number of NHS Trusts, including major regional hospitals.

Our involvement included migrating procedures and data, including data cleansing. We designed a solution which insured full data fidelity and minimal downtime resulting on a completely successful outcome resulting in better performance and significant cost savings to the NHS